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10 thoughts…on mental illness, abuse, and survivors

Why arguments conflating mental illness with abuse are dangerous and do a disservice to survivors of abuse and oppression.

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Why white adoptive parents shouldn’t dominate adoption narratives

Why white adoptive parents shouldn’t dominate adoption narratives

Sometimes I kind of find myself wishing that adoptive parents would stop writing about adoption. Particularly if the subject is transracial adoption. I realize that probably sounds a bit harsh. It’s not that an adoptive parent cannot have plenty of good, worthwhile things to say about adoption.

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The privilege and silence of white “beyond evangelicals”

The privilege and silence of white “beyond evangelicals”

Trigger warning: racism, racialized violence, silence and enabling around racial violence. [Ed note:] I’ve been really appalled (not to say surprised) by the silence from most prominent white evangelicals – liberal, moderate, and conservative – on the Trayvon Martin case. There are a few popular white Christian bloggers and publications […]

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About Penn State

Extreme trigger warning for details of child sexual and physical abuse and cover ups; racism. Please consider carefully before reading this post. I hadn’t been following the Penn State child abuse cover up case closely until tonight, when the university announced that the long-time coach of the football team, Joe […]

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Interlude: Class and true womanhood

NaBloPoMo Day 7: Success at posting every day for a week! It feels good even if the last two posts have been written before I go to bed ;) In other news, AWH now has a page at Google+. Check it out. I’ve been writing a lot lately about the […]

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At MOMocrats: White male privilege and the daughter test

I’m very excited to share that I’m now a contributor to MOMocrats, a great blog dedicated to writing about politics from a variety of parents’ perspectives. My first post for MOMocrats has just been posted; please check it out, and the rest of the blog, too! An excerpt: Steven Levitt of […]

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Baltimore anti-trans hate crime: Why “toemageddon” matters

Heavy trigger warning – detailed discussion of transphobic violence. Last week, Chrissy Polis, a transgender woman, was viciously attacked and beaten by two cisgender (or cis, i.e., not transgender or trans) girls at a McDonald’s in Baltimore, Maryland. Several people, including employees, merely stood by and laughed as Polis was […]

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