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Image credit: John Steven Fernandez, creative commons license.

What Child Exploitation Looks Like

Why aren’t trans youth afforded the privacy and protection we claim are the rights of children?

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Always my son

NaBloPoMo Day 11: Just a video and article recommendation today. There’ll be a guest post on this blog tomorrow and a post by me at another blog, so I figure I get a free space to work with! Colorlines shared this lovely video about a young gay Latino man and […]

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Dan Savage is right: the religious right exploits LGBT suicides

[Disclaimer: I’m aware that Dan Savage has written a lot of problematic stuff about trans people, and other groups – this isn’t an endorsement of any of that but rather a riff off this one column.] Dan Savage writes a fantastic, brutally honest reply to an anti-gay Christian who took […]

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Focus on the homophobic family

I’ve been trying to figure out what to say about Focus on the Family’s launch of a new site called, hilariously and awfully, “True Tolerance.” See, the main message of, ahem, True Tolerance, is that homophobic parents’ rights are being violated when kids are taught they shouldn’t bully or beat […]

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