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Dinesh D’Souza: Return of the GIFs

It’s been a while since we checked in on Dinesh D’Souza. What’s he been up to, you ask?

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The perils of funny feminism

Are feminists losing sight of how humor can oppress in a rush to be seen as funny?

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Dinesh D’souza: The reGIFing

Dinesh D’souza: The reGIFing

So, Dinesh D’Souza. I find that I’m still at a loss for words that adequately capture the epic, absurd surreality of the scandal that’s still unfolding around him (the latest: he’s being sued!). You know what that means: more GIFS.

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Dinesh D’souza (A Scandal in GIFS)

I heard some news about Dinesh D’Souza today that cannot be sufficiently encapsulated or responded to with mere words. This, in short, is a situation that calls for GIFS.

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Mark Driscoll’s words in Jesus’s mouth

Mark Driscoll’s words in Jesus’s mouth

I’m not sure how the brilliant Tea Party Jesus escaped my notice until now, but this image sending up Mark Driscoll’s comments on cage fighting is freaking hilarious. Original post here.

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PSA: This celebrity is not having sex!

We recently watched Russell Brand in New York City – which is absolutely hilarious and 100% recommended to anyone who doesn’t mind salacious (but intelligent!) humor, and having a bit of fun poked at the U.S. and/or religion.  Actually I recommend you watch it even if you do mind it, […]

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If Fundamentalists really believed the Bible . . .

If Fundamentalists really believed the Bible . . .

I loved this cartoon from Russell’s Teapot (ht The Redheaded Skeptic, click for a bigger version). I’ve often thought that if literalist Christians in this country really, truly believed that the Bible is completely divinely inspired, inerrant, and literally true, most of them would be living completely different lives.  After […]

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