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Veterans Park, Avon Lake, OH. Credit: Robert Criss, CC license.

Let’s Talk About Names: R. Leon

I kept my name when I got married. I refuse to call it my maiden name. It is my name.

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On Hugo Schwyzer: Accountability, not silencing dissent

On Hugo Schwyzer: Accountability, not silencing dissent

Trigger warning: gendered violence/attempted murder, suicide, addiction, abuse culture. A few weeks ago I wrote an article for Global Comment on the ongoing discussion in parts of the feminist blogosphere about Hugo Schwyzer, and more broadly on the place of people with a history of abuse in feminism and other activist […]

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On emotional abuse, abuse culture, and rape culture

On emotional abuse, abuse culture, and rape culture

There were a number of conversations on Twitter this weekend about rape culture and abuse culture; I’ve put together some of them in the Storify story embedded below. Just FYI, it’s rather long, and not all of it loads at once (it updates as you scroll down). Thanks to everyone who […]

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One year blogaversary

Trigger warning – sexual abuse, spousal abuse. Today is, more or less, my first blogoversary. I published my first real post on Are Women Human? one year ago today. That post was about John Piper’s advice on how women who are being abused by their husbands can still “submit” and […]

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How SGM’s Covenant Life Church and Fairfax Covenant Church deal with sexual abuse

Extreme trigger warning: child sexual abuse, details of child molestation, spiritual abuse, victim blaming, and enabling of abuse perpetrators.  I don’t really know where to start with this, so I’ll just cut to the chase. In the past week, two more accounts of sexual abuse of children at SGM churches […]

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The double standard at work: Anthony Bradley on Mark Driscoll and Rachel Held Evans

WORLD Magazine’s Anthony Bradley, slamming the campaign by Rachel Held Evans (RHE) against Driscoll’s bullying, perfectly exemplifies these tendencies to enable hateful behavior and attack anyone who dares to challenge it: One sign of the declining state of Christianity in America is the way in which believers publicly slander one […]

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Reaction to Brent Detwiler’s documents – highlights

After skimming through Brent Detwiler’s, ahem, copious comments on his numerous issues with C.J. Mahaney, my overall impression is that they corroborate pretty much all of the issues that various blogs and individuals have raised about SGM, and shed new light on how those issues manifested in the inner circles […]

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Gender confusion as “reparative” therapy, cont.

Gender confusion as “reparative” therapy, cont.

Image: James Franco in drag, ht Sociological Images. Text: girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short wear shirts and boots because it’s okay to be a boy but for a boy to look like a girl is degrading because you think being a girl is degrading Continued from here. […]

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Damage control at Covenant Life Church, pt. 2

Trigger warning for child sex abuse, spousal/domestic abuse, spiritual abuse. Part 1 The problems Josh addresses in his comments (and those he fails to acknowledge) are characteristic of SGM as a whole. A single apology to a single church is inadequate. CLC teachings are funneled to and reproduced at every […]

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