Recommended Reading

I’m slowly compiling a list here of useful articles and books on religion and gender and other pertinent issues . . . feel free to make some suggestions!

Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity, Julia Serano

Intersex: For Lack of a Better Word, Thea Hillman: some problematic language around transgender issues, but on the whole an excellent set of reflections by a lesbian intersex woman on the complex intersections of sex, gender, and sexuality.

Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Faith in America, Michael O. Emerson

Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement, Kathryn Joyce

Are Women Human?, Dorothy Sayers

“The Cross and Male Violence,” James Poling, in Cross Examinations: Readings on the Meanings of the Cross Today, edited by Marit Trelstald.

Christianity and Incest, Annie Imbens and Ineke Jonkers

Sexual Revolution in Early America, Richard Godbeer

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  1. Our libraries don’t have these. Are there any you would recommend buying?

    • The Quiverfull book and Are Women Human are both worth purchasing. Joyce uncovers a lot of connections between more “mainstream” conservative evangelical leaders and the quiverfull movement that I wasn’t aware of. And Sayers’ essays are just a good, clear exposition of the absurdities and dehumanization at the heart of misogyny.

      I have a PDF of the Poling article that I can send you – drop me an email (see the about page for my email address).

  2. “When Women Were Priests: Women’s Leadership in the Early Church and the Scandal of Their Subordination in the Rise of Christianity” by Karen Jo Torjesen is wonderful.

  3. Thanks for the great reading list! I’ll have to check some of these out.