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No Country (in Church) for Introverts

Discussing the hostility of the Church experience, as an introvert.

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Let’s talk about consent

Let’s talk about consent

GMP is a great example of how not to write about rape and how not to start a conversation about consent. But we do need to talk about sexual violence. How do we do that thoughtfully and productively?

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Who needs a Good Rapist Project?

The Good Men Project’s recent posts are a particularly horrific and exploitative example of a narrative that centers the perspective of perpetrators, and their supposed needs and feelings, in the name of “humanizing” them.

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Boycott the Good Men Project

The editors at the ill-named Good Men Project (GMP) are apparently on a mission to rehabilitate the public image of male rapists and convince people that most of them are “nice guys” and “good dudes.”

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Psy, anti-American rhetoric, and acceptable Asian masculinity

Psy, anti-American rhetoric, and acceptable Asian masculinity

The internet has caught the vapors over Psy’s “anti-US past.” Here’s why this reaction has more to do with American exceptionalism and racist ideas about Asian masculinity than it does with principled opposition to rhetorical violence.

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3rd Circle, Amman, Jordan. Credit: Marco Nae, CC license

Epilepsy, Lost in Translation [part 2]

In the U.S., I have to go on a message-board to find others that understand my issues, whereas in Jordan I found someone I could converse openly and in detail with about my difficulty.

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Epilepsy, Lost in Translation [part 1]

When I applied to an undergraduate study abroad program in Jordan, I never anticipated how it would change my perception of myself as someone with epilepsy, or that it would be an experience of how ethnicity, disability, and prejudice can connect.

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Election Day

Election Day

I’m about to head out to my local polling place to vote. There’ve been a lot of discussions this election cycle about choosing between the lesser of two evils and whether or not it makes a difference (spoiler: I think it does).

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Do men want to be “treated like men?”

Do men want to be “treated like men?”

A few more thoughts on Don Miller’s post about whether women want to be treated equally or like men. Firstly, about what inspired the post…

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