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  1. I like your blog (and just put up a note saying … well, exactly that, on my FB page: )

  2. Umm…are you the person who writes the blogs about SGMS?

  3. Sandusky’s victims were mainly white, as confirmed by the NYTimes.

    One thing to consider in the future is to check specific demographics rather than generalizing about who constitutes the poor or single-parent households. The only known victim lives in Clinton County, the racial makeup of Clinton County is 98.29% White, 0.52% Black

    • Thanks for the information, John. I’ll update the post to reflect that.

      I’m aware that State College and the areas around it are predominantly white; that doesn’t necessarily imply anything about what the demographics of the population served by the Second Mile charity are. But as I said in my first edit of the post, race privilege remains a factor here even if Sandusky only ever targeted white boys.

  4. Just read your thoughts about the sex abuse at SGM Fairfax. Very well articulated. Glad someone can zap the issues and bring them to light. Not sure how the lightbulb doesn’t come on for those who cling to the legalism that is so damaging to sincere people who truly do love God and want to serve Him. However, I take issue with your profane lumping in God with the people in these churches that have so badly abused their flock and disgustingly try to gloss over the crimes that have been committed against women and children. To blame Him for this is just as bad as blaming the victims. You are taking your anger out on a God that you don’t know – likely because of the crap you finally escaped – but to prosecute God with your anger is wrong. God is not behind this evil. Satan is.

    • “To blame Him for this is just as bad as blaming the victims.”

      And this is just one example of why so many church cultures are ill-equipped to actually care for survivors of abuse. You think anger at one idea of God (out of thousands) is “just as bad” as people blaming people who have been abused for their abuse. Talk about lack of perspective. Anyway, I’m an agnostic, so I don’t lump God in with anyone or blame God for anything. I certainly take issue with conservative Christian ideas of God, which enable and minimize abuse and victim-blaming – just as you’ve done now by implying that any critique of your notion of God is morally equivalent to victim-blaming.

  5. I love your first post about John Piper and enduring abuse.
    Since all Piper cares about is sin and not people… why is it not a sin to be abused? An abused wife is “allowing” her husband to sin by abusing her. Doesn’t she care about his soul? Also, she is allowing harm to come to part of God’s creation (her soul and body). If God lives in her, God is also being abused, right? (I don’t actually think it’s a sin to be abused, but it’s something that will damage or destroy faith.)
    It’s like Piper thinks standing up to an abuser is selfish, therefore, sin.

  6. Just doing this to subscribe to your blog. :)