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At PRA: Are evangelicals at a crossroads on trans issues?

The response of Azusa Pacific University to Heath Adam Ackley’s coming out illustrates shifts in how evangelical are engaging the issue of transgender identity.

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Call: Queer Theology Synchroblog 2013

Call: Queer Theology Synchroblog 2013

We believe that queer and trans* people have insights into theology and faith that deepen the conversation not just for other queer people but for non-queer people as well.

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AWH radio and podcast guest spots

A few spots on radio shows and podcasts in the past couple weeks that AWH readers might be interested in checking out.

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Do public schools hate Christian kids? No.

Do public schools hate Christian kids? No.

“The Thaw” claims that public schools persecute Christian students.

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Review: Chris Stedman’s “Faitheist”

My review of Chris Stedman’s book Faitheist, on interfaith activism between religious and nonreligious people, is on the Bitch Magazine blog today

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No Country (in Church) for Introverts

Discussing the hostility of the Church experience, as an introvert.

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Synchroblog: The Queer God

In a way, the process of pushing back on the image of God I grew up with has been one of learning to imagine a queer God.

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Whither Christian women bloggers?

Whither Christian women bloggers?

I’ve been chuckling over the recent (and I guess ongoing) dustup over the “Top 200 Church Blogs” list by Kent Shaffer of Church Relevance. Per Dianna Anderson, the list is 93% white men and has zero women of color. Which just raises the question…which churches is Shaffer talking about?

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Queer Theology 101 and Synchroblog

Queer Theology 101 and Synchroblog

My friend Shay Kearns, aka the Anarchist Reverend, has put out a call for a queer theology synchroblog (i.e., blogging on the same day about the same topic). This is a great opportunity to get a discussion going about faith and understandings of God from a different perspective than usual.

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