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Dinesh D’Souza: Return of the GIFs

It’s been a while since we checked in on Dinesh D’Souza. What’s he been up to, you ask?

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Do public schools hate Christian kids? No.

Do public schools hate Christian kids? No.

“The Thaw” claims that public schools persecute Christian students.

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Beach at Hoek Van Holland. Image used with permission of author.

Let’s Talk About Names: Flavia

I became comfortable with my name, because I realized I could have easily been deprived of it.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Let’s Talk About Names: Ali, hooks, Lee Boggs

The relationship individuals have with their names is influenced by myriad individual and cultural experiences, alongside those that are social and political.

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Psy, anti-American rhetoric, and acceptable Asian masculinity

Psy, anti-American rhetoric, and acceptable Asian masculinity

The internet has caught the vapors over Psy’s “anti-US past.” Here’s why this reaction has more to do with American exceptionalism and racist ideas about Asian masculinity than it does with principled opposition to rhetorical violence.

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Election Day

Election Day

I’m about to head out to my local polling place to vote. There’ve been a lot of discussions this election cycle about choosing between the lesser of two evils and whether or not it makes a difference (spoiler: I think it does).

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Dinesh D’souza: The reGIFing

Dinesh D’souza: The reGIFing

So, Dinesh D’Souza. I find that I’m still at a loss for words that adequately capture the epic, absurd surreality of the scandal that’s still unfolding around him (the latest: he’s being sued!). You know what that means: more GIFS.

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Dinesh D’souza (A Scandal in GIFS)

I heard some news about Dinesh D’Souza today that cannot be sufficiently encapsulated or responded to with mere words. This, in short, is a situation that calls for GIFS.

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