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At PRA: Are evangelicals at a crossroads on trans issues?

The response of Azusa Pacific University to Heath Adam Ackley’s coming out illustrates shifts in how evangelical are engaging the issue of transgender identity.

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10 thoughts…on mental illness, abuse, and survivors

Why arguments conflating mental illness with abuse are dangerous and do a disservice to survivors of abuse and oppression.

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FYI: “Black” isn’t synonymous with “African American”

A conversation about blackness, ethnicity, nationality, and identity.

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The cult of the Greater Cause

Being “right” is less important than the effects of what we do.

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The perils of funny feminism

Are feminists losing sight of how humor can oppress in a rush to be seen as funny?

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Grounded during the blizzard. Image used with permission of author.

Let’s Talk About Names: Robyn

The power of my own quest for authenticity may be my greatest lesson to impart as a parent.

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Taroko Gorge in Hualien, Taiwan. Image used with permission of author.

Let’s Talk About Names: Minna

I had grown into my name, and it suited me. Trust, however, that had I found a better name along the way, I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat, and to hell with anyone who judged me for doing so.

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Painted Desert, Arizona. Image used with permission of author.

Let’s Talk About Names: Natalie

If there’s a single name that feels the least “real,” the most connected to social structures, cis-het-patriarchy and its assumptions, it’s the one I was given at birth.

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The Women's Building, the first women-owned and -operated community center, in San Francisco. Image used with permission of author

Let’s Talk About Names: Andrea

While we’re demanding that women be treated equitably in this society, we’re saying that it’s up to women — still — to make the “proper” choice, like not taking their husbands’ names, to legitimize feminism.

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