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“Protecting” children from knowing gay people exist

Opponents of marriage equality are afraid, in part, that same-sex relationships and LGBT people will come to be seen and treated as normal by society.  This is something most opponents will openly admit (a small example: Al Mohler’s comment that the ruling striking down Prop 8 was “a significant step […]

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God is not a white man

God is not a white man

I love this song “White Man” and the music video by the Michael Gungor and his band.  I love the idea of a God who is not the exlusive property of any gender, race, class, political party, religion, or sexuality . . . but is just love.  Lyrics below the […]

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Joshua Harris: Female submission is “winsome” and “beautiful,” “not degrading”

I’ve been listening to a sermon on gender roles by Joshua Harris, whom some readers may recognize as the author of the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye.  He’s also the senior pastor of Covenant Life Church (CLC), the flagship church in SGM, a group of affiliated churches with deep roots […]

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Sunday Roundup

This week in God and Gender: A San Diego Catholic congregation ordained a female pastor.   More power to them! Information from the TransGriot on an upcoming October TransFaith in Color Summit in Culver City, CA. Also via the TransGriot, sobering reminders that transphobia kills people: yesterday was the 15th anniversary […]

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John Piper: Wives should “endure” abuse “for a season”

John Piper: Wives should “endure” abuse “for a season”

*Warning* – people who have been abused may find this post triggering. Let’s get this blog off the ground. A while ago I came across a video of John Piper, a complementarian pastor and theologian, addressing the following question: “What should a wife’s submission to her husband look like if […]

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Quick hit: Prop 8 ruled unconstitutional

Yesterday Vaughn Walker, Chief Judge of the Northern California U.S. District Court, ruled  CA Prop 8 unconstitutional on Due Process and Equal Protection grounds.  You can read the full ruling here (scribd online) or here (pdf). There’s much more to be said about the detailed, thorough text of the decision, […]

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Sunday news roundup

Some religion, gender, and sexuality news from the past week: Freedom for Christian Women Coalition calls on Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood to apologize for harmful teachings of female submission. Argentina legalizes gay marriage despite opposition from Catholic leadership. A federal judge upheld Eastern Michigan University’s decision to expel […]

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Introducing AWH

The doctrines and practices of traditionalist Christianity oppress women, sexual and gender minorities, and other marginalized groups.  This blog exists to create awareness of this oppression, and to give voice to those who have endured and survived it. I’m one of the survivors.  I grew up in fundamentalist pentecostal and […]

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Coming soon . . .

Are Women Human, a blog focusing on gender oppression and other social justice issues in Christian communities, will be up and running soon.  Thanks for visiting!

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