AWH radio and podcast guest spots

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Photo Credit: Bernhard Benke, cc

I’ve recorded a few spots on radio shows and podcasts in the past couple weeks that AWH readers might be interested in checking out:

An interview with Rev. Dr. Welton Gaddy on State of Belief Radio, about my Religion Dispatches pieces on Tim Tebow and Jason Collins

There’s also a transcript available.

I also had a brief guest spot on Jessica Luther’s inaugural Power Forward podcast on sports and culture, on the same Collins/Tebow article. Check out the whole podcast if you can – it’s great!

And finally, I did an interview with Molly and John Knefel of Radio Dispatch, on my piece about The Onion and Rihanna and broader issues of racism and other structural oppressions in mainstream feminism.

Hope you enjoy them if you get a chance to listen! Feedback welcome as always.

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