Feminist abuse culture and enabling

Jezebel ran a piece by Hugo Schwyzer on why it should be OK to publicly shame creeps who present themselves as “Nice Guys” (e.g., the tumblr “Nice Guys of OK Cupid”). Problem: Hugo himself has a bad case of Nice Guy syndrome, and support from feminist/women’s spaces is letting him get away with it.


  1. Before your tweets, I didn’t know the whole story behind this person. I’d only ever heard of him as others lauded him, in what I can only assume were attempts to defend him against accusations that he admits are factual. Your inspired my post of this morning so, first and most important thanks for educating me.

    I think the point you’re making is important but I see the people you classify as enabling him, a great deal more as being convinced by an experienced manipulator that “I’m sorry” means “I’m different.” They’re wrong, and that’s a failure on their part but it is an understandable failure.

  2. I think his personality disorders (Antisocial, Borderline, and Narcissistic are indeed relevant to the discussion, not least because of the associated behaviors of manipulation, abuse, and a lack of empathy. His disorders are not *the reason* he shouldn’t be a leader in the feminist community, but they are a factor in his actions.

    Schwyzer on his diagnoses: http://www.hugoschwyzer.net/2006/09/08/a-long-post-about-mental-illness-and-transformation-replying-to-the-happy-feminist/

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  4. Thank you for this, he does not deserve to be called a feminist or engage as a voice in our discussion. I have seen a lot of unfeminist articles on Jezebel and tbh I think it is a poor excuse for feminist discourse when you are linking pop culture celeb gossip crap most of the time.

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