Psy, anti-American rhetoric, and acceptable Asian masculinity

The internet has caught the vapors over Psy’s “anti-US past.” A few of us had a Twitter conversation about why this reaction has little to do with actual principled opposition to violent rhetoric and everything to do with racism, xenophobia, and U.S. exceptionalism. It’s posted as a Storify below; keep scrolling to load the full story.

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  1. Oh, my! Someone had the temerity to object to US bullying? Or to even admit it exists? I didn’t know about the US tank killing the Korean girls, but I do know about the US base going in on Jeju Island, specifically on one of the parts making it a World Heritage Site (obliterating it), over the strong objections of some of the residents. Other residents are for it, so we have also contributed to a polarized town. But the US can do no wrong, and anyone pointing that out is evil, especially if that person is not a wealthy male WASP.