Election Day

I’m about to head out to my local polling place to vote. There’ve been a lot of discussions this election cycle about choosing between the lesser of two evils and whether or not it makes a difference (spoiler: I think it does).

The bottom line for me has always been that the history of people like me – black people, women, immigrants – struggling and dying to get the vote makes it impossible for me to skip voting, especially when efforts to suppress voters from all of these demographics and more are in full swing.

So whatever your political leanings, I hope if you’re a U.S. citizen reading this today that you make it out to your polling place!

Some interesting reads/videos for election day:

  • C. Riley Snorton and Mecca Jamilah Smith, On The Morning of the Election (Or, “Your Abstention Will Not Protect You: Voting and Radical Black Feminist Politics”) (Part of a series edited by the amazingly talented Tressie McMillan Cottom)

    In other words, to vote is to practice a strategic embodiment. It is to lodge one’s body in a deeply flawed system as part of a larger commitment to developing a world we all might be better able to live in. As feminists of color, we know that politics neither begin nor end with the casting of the ballot. But, for us, right now, the ballot must be part of the process. And so, when the dust settles on this particular moment in history and the two of us return home from the polls, we know that we will continue to voice dissent, to engage in acts of self-care, and to practice a set of politics anchored in the belief that liberation is something we must fight—in all possible ways—to attain.

  • Flyover Feminism’s Voices on Voting series.
  • Melissa Harris-Perry on Why Women Must Vote [Video]
  • A BBC poll found that most of the world is pulling for Barack Obama to win re-election.

Alternatively, if like me you’re a bit burned out on U.S. election coverage, there’s always a live-tweet of the hilariously bad first Twilight movie.

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