Dinesh D’souza (A Scandal in GIFS)

I heard some news about Dinesh D’Souza today that cannot be sufficiently encapsulated or responded to with mere words. This, in short, is a situation that calls for GIFS.

(ETA Don’t miss part 2, Dinesh D’Souza: The reGIFing)

This is Dinesh D’Souza:

D’Souza is a conservative pundit and an evangelical of (shocker) the very conservative sort. He’s also the president of a The King’s College, a Christian college in New York City, and the writer and director of the “highest-grossing conservative documentary” in the U.S., 2016: Obama’s America.

I haven’t seen 2016. But I know it’s based on D’Souza’s book The Roots of Obama’s Rage, which argues that the President’s allegedly anti-American attitudes can be traced to Barack Obama, Sr.’s “anti-colonial” beliefs (gosh, I wonder why a black Kenyan might be opposed to white colonialism). It features such gems as an exchange between D’Souza and George Obama, President Obama’s half brother, about how western colonialism has been totally awesome for black people.

Ron Weasley What?


It’s safe to say that D’Souza has a few issues with anti-black racism, not to mention some internalized racism and colonialism agains this own identities (he’s of South Asian heritage). D’Souza is also not exactly a champion of equal rights for people who are women, queer, and/or trans. A surprise, I know.

Well. It turns out that despite all of D’Souza’s protestations about the importance of traditional marriage, he’s in the middle of a divorce from his wife of over 20 years.

These things happen. Marriages don’t always last ’til death and all that. But to complicate matters, D’Souza has been introducing a woman who is, um, considerably younger than his wife as his “fianceé” before ever even filing for divorce.


Look, again, these things happen. D’Souza might even have gotten away with it if he hadn’t been so foolish as to bring his girlfriend with him to  a highly public conservative Christian event where he was speaking – even sharing a hotel room with her during this event.


Ok, we don’t actually know that D’Souza did anything more than share a room with his girlfriend in that hotel room, nor is it anyone’s businessThe problem? The people D’Souza’s trying to make money off of by hawking his sketchy ‘expertise’ don’t realize his sex life isn’t their concern.

Which brings us to the most inexplicable part of this whole tawdry saga: D’Souza made no attempt to conceal from the organizers of an event catered to an extremely prudish and judgmental audience the fact that he was sharing a hotel room with a woman to whom he isn’t married. Or, y’know, just get separate fucking hotel rooms.

ETAD’Souza now denies that they shared a room. What to make of this, given other less than truthful comments about his current situation and that his job is on the line, I can’t tell you. But at the very least, if you’re not in fact sharing a room, maybe make that clear to your judgey hosts? Especially when you make bank policing other people’s private behavior?

I mean seriously, what did D’Souza expect to come of this? I’m baffled.

When confronted about his scandalous shenanigans, D’Souza claimed he’d filed for divorce “recently” (that is to say, he lied) and that despite *gasp* sleeping in the same room [note above eta], he and his girlfriend had done nothing “wrong” (this means sex). I imagine the reaction of the folks trying to “confront” him about his “sin” went something along these lines:

the lord is testing me

Kurtcedes is judging you

Say what?

Well, the news of D’Souza’s fall from grace is now making the evangelical circuit, and complementarians are clutching their pearls over it, e.g.:

My reaction to this: So I tweeted the following:

Hilariously, Russell Moore (or whichever lackey runs Russell Moore’s account) BLOCKED my Twitter account.

I fucking can't.

I wouldn’t have expected that his skin to be so thin! But back to D’Souza. Now that the board at King’s College is investigating his marriage and relationship with his girlfriend, he says the engagement is now on hold.

Amber ain't even mad

As an extra delicious bit of hypocrisy, a few months ago D’Souza suggested that Barack Obama is a hugely mysterious cipher that the country doesn’t “really know,” in part because we (supposedly) don’t know the names of his ex-girlfriends.

D’Souza had been kind of an evangelical rockstar until this scandal, earning as much as $10,000 or more to appear as a speaker at Christian and/or conservative venues.

So wait…if he’s getting $10K just to talk at people, why couldn’t he just get a separate hotel room for his girlfriend again? [Again, note the above eta.] I’m not judging, just questioning the reasoning that went into this decision process. What with the prudish audience and all.

Sarah Posner writes for Religion Dispatches that this (presumed) sex scandal may spell the end for D’Souza’s once rising star. Note, not the fact that he’s been peddling racist and colonialist lies to white Christians for fun and profit for the past forever, but because of what’s assumed about his marriage and sex life. PRIORITIES.

Will evangelical conservatives learn anything from this about putting clowns who lie to them and tell them what they want to hear on a pedestal? Judging from how swiftly evangelicals have erased their memories of Ted Haggard, George Rekers, and myriad other “fallen” preachers, I’m guessing:

P.S. – This was my first GIFS post. I’m finally an honest-to-goodness bonafide interwebz blogger.


  1. He’s made millions telling others how to conduct their private lives.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer hypocrite.

  2. More and more I’m beginning to think that “traditional marriage” means a penis and a vagina, with some basic gender roles (attached to their respective “traditional” genitalia.) Sure, you’ll get flack and criticism for divorce and remarriage, but nobody’s going to restrict your legal right to do so. And it’s certainly not about God’s laws, because if you take Christian logic seriously, a non-Christian couple does not have a marriage before God, not the *real* one, anyway. They’re still going to burn in hell. The claim that anti-gay Christians should own the definition of marriage because it’s *their* religious thing should actually have them claiming that only *Christians* are allowed to get married. If it is such a holy and religious idea, wouldn’t any and all non-Christian marriages be sinful?

    Really, they should be holding up signs that say “Marriage = One Penis and One Vagina” because besides that, nothing else *really* matters in “traditional marriage.”

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  4. Your first GIFS post, my first time reading you.
    A match made in heaven.

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  6. D’Souza has always struck me as a boil on the butt of long deceased possum.
    With that said, I normally am not interested in what two adults do in the privacy of their bedroom or hotel room—-except for evangelical family value hypocrites.

    I hope that D’Souza’s once adoring fans run him back to colonial–wherever —and we never have to look at his extremely unpleasant weasel countenance again. He deserves all the
    karma coming to him. And as he has just lost his job and any moral parity he pretended;
    the day is going pretty well.

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  9. Joober Mang says:

    This man’s rhetoric is unbelievable, so it’s not surprise that this would happen.

  10. So, I live in SC and used to work in a hotel. Technically, there is still an old prostitution law on the books that says that any couple who stays in a hotel together is legally married. There is some confusion as to whether or not this law is still relevant after SC did away with common law marriage, but if it is, D’Souza is technically married to two women. Not that his sex life is any of our business, but wouldn’t it be interesting if he turned out to be a polygamist, too!