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I’ve been watching and enjoying CBS’s Elementary, the American take on a modern-day Sherlock Holmes story. Enjoying it so much, that my friend Jessica Luther and I decided to do a chat review of the premiere, which aired *mumble mumble* 3 weeks ago. Jess has had our review on her […]

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Dinesh D’souza (A Scandal in GIFS)

I heard some news about Dinesh D’Souza today that cannot be sufficiently encapsulated or responded to with mere words. This, in short, is a situation that calls for GIFS.

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“Cultural scavengers”: Violentacrez, Reddit, and trolls

Everyone is buzzing about Adrian Chen’s article for Gawker unmasking the identity of Michael Brutsch, better known as Violentacrez, a superuser who contributed to and moderated several of the most creepy, racist, and misogynist forums on Reddit.

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The new I-35W bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis is lit with rainbow colors at the start of LGBT Pride weekend. Image by Tony Webster, CC license

National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day is always a bit strained for me. Partially because of my own hangups, and partially because of how “coming out” is framed in a lot of mainstream discussion (both by LGBT people and otherwise), it often feels like there’s a lot of pressure to be very […]

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Synchroblog: The Queer God

In a way, the process of pushing back on the image of God I grew up with has been one of learning to imagine a queer God.

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Review: “Conquest” by Andrea Smith

Review: “Conquest” by Andrea Smith

I’ve been quoting Andrea Smith a lot lately. I just finished reading her first book, Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide. It’s an amazing, impassioned book – a difficult read, given the topic, but a necessary one.

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Whither Christian women bloggers?

Whither Christian women bloggers?

I’ve been chuckling over the recent (and I guess ongoing) dustup over the “Top 200 Church Blogs” list by Kent Shaffer of Church Relevance. Per Dianna Anderson, the list is 93% white men and has zero women of color. Which just raises the question…which churches is Shaffer talking about?

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