Jared Wilson: Rape is God’s “passive judgment” on sinful cultures


Prophet Nathan rebukes David for adultery with Bathseba. Woodcut illustration.

Prophet Nathan rebukes David for adultery with Bathseba. Woodcut illustration. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Major trigger warning: Rape apologism, victim blaming, abusive theology.

During the controversy over Jared Wilson’s rape apologist post on 50 Shades of Grey, I asked him if he agreed with Doug Wilson’s statement that “rape is judgment upon a culture that does not cherish and protect women,” and if so, how he defended that statement. His responses were both revealing and extremely disturbing. They are a major reason why I completely reject his so-called apology for the post. Our conversation is posted as a Storify below the jump (reminder: you have to keep scrolling to load the full story).

A brief note: It’s interesting to me that many complementarians insist on discussing rape and sexual assaults as though women are the only potential victims of sexual violence. In their minds rape survivor = woman. Not all people who have experienced rape or sexual assault are women or, for that matter, adults. It’s worth thinking about why they’re generally so resistant to acknowledging and accommodating child sexual abuse survivors and/or survivors of other genders into their theology (especially as concealment and enabling of child sexual abuse is a huge problem in their churches).

For those who are wondering, I selected the image of the Prophet Nathan chastising David for “adultery” with Bathsheba because 1) David raped Bathsheba – she was brought to the King against her will – and 2) to borrow Jared Wilson’s words, God “passively judged” David and Bathsheba for “adultery” by killing their infant son. Super pro-life of God.