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NaBloPoMo wrap-up

So, this is it, the last day of NaBloPoMo. Woohoo for posting 30 days in a row! Some of what I learned by doing NaBloPoMo: – I have a lot to say! Often when I’m working on blog posts I feel like I’ve run out of ideas, or have nothing to […]

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Keep your pedestals

Trigger warning: female objectification, rape and sexual assault, war. I’ve been thinking for sometime about how society puts “women” and “femininity” in the abstract on a pedestal in a way that ends up actually concretely limiting, hurting, and ultimately dehumanizing women. Modesty culture is a good example of this, actually. […]

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Sierra: How modesty doctrines harm young women

Trigger warning: objectification of women/female-assigned people, disordered eating, spiritual abuse, sexual assault and rape. Alternet has a great article by Sierra on the various ways evangelical and fundamentalist teachings on female modesty are  concretely harmful to women and, though she doesn’t touch on this aspect, female-assigned trans or genderqueer people as well. […]

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LGBT Asian and Pacific Islander Stories

NaBloPoMo Day 27: I spent the time I would ordinarily be writing dealing with some unexpected snafus at home, so here’s a video :p From a series from Basic Rights Oregon highlighting LGBT families of color.

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Tiresome fundie apologism

NaBloPoMo Day 26: Well, the goal is to post *something* every day, not necessarily something long or completely fleshed out, so here’s something ;) I’ve been traveling today and haven’t had much time or energy to write. I feel a bit silly that I need a prompt like this to give […]

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Black and atheist

The NYT has an article out today about the challenges of being black and atheist. I’m more agnostic than atheist, but the experiences the article describes really resonated with me. It especially captures the double isolation black nonreligious people face in the U.S. – isolation from often highly religious family who […]

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Just a quick Thanksgiving post! One of the things I’m thankful for today is having a thoughtful and support online community with which to share experiences and perspectives. Here are some of the bloggers/blogs that help create that kind of community for me: Prairie Nymph – Prairie writes about leaving fundamentalist Christianity. […]

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“God is not in it”

Today’s guest post is by Faith, who previously shared about growing up trans and Christian. In this post she writes about how her faith and spiritual life have been affected by her transition.  I wanted to acknowledge that parts of this post may be difficult for some readers who have either […]

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s.e. smith on not being a feminist

Alright, I’m ceding defeat on getting a full blown post up for tonight. I’m too tired and it’s too late for me to finish any of my drafts in progress. But! I can share some writing by s.e. smith, who’s an amazing gender equality, genderqueer, disability, and economic justice activist […]

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