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On MOMocrats: Salon op-ed compares Melissa Harris-Perry to Bachmann, KKK

My latest post for MOMocrats was just posted. An excerpt: Yesterday, published an op-ed by white liberal columnist Gene Lyons in response to Melissa Harris-Perry’s recent writing for The Nation on racism as a factor in declining white liberal support for the President. Rather than disagreeing thoughtfully and respectfully […]

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Heard over breakfast

I was getting my customary bagel and juice this morning when I noticed a conversation going on between a guy I assume was a pastor and someone looking to join his church. It was…interesting. I happened to be :  with the husband at the time, and, well, you can read […]

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Gender and race in the cult of true womanhood

trigger warning for rape, sexual assault, coercion. I came across this video by Jamilah Lemieux, aka Sister Toldja, on how cultural assumptions about race and gender shape the way we respond on a societal level to teen pregnancy. My comments are directly below; click to jump to the transcript. There’sa […]

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Are Women Human? is now on Facebook – you can “like” AWH using the button in the right sidebar, or on the AWH Facebook page, also linked in the sidebar. Sorry for the long and unexplained absence from the blog! I had a number of obligations and was also on the […]

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