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Teresa Valdez Klein: The Art of Subvertising on Facebook

I loved this talk by Teresa Valdez Klein on purchasing Facebook ads to counter the negative messages sent to women about our bodies, our “need” to be married to a man (any man will do!), about our need for engagement rings and other stuff to be complete. There’s some unfortunate […]

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The double standard at work: Anthony Bradley on Mark Driscoll and Rachel Held Evans

WORLD Magazine’s Anthony Bradley, slamming the campaign by Rachel Held Evans (RHE) against Driscoll’s bullying, perfectly exemplifies these tendencies to enable hateful behavior and attack anyone who dares to challenge it: One sign of the declining state of Christianity in America is the way in which believers publicly slander one […]

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Bob Jones, Mark Driscoll, and C.J. Mahaney, cont.

Part 1 John Jensen’s post about the criticism he’s gotten from other Christians for swearing got me thinking again about about the skewed moral priorities that often prevail in evangelical churches. Growing up, we were led to believe that all sorts of personal choices disqualified someone from being a “real” Christian […]

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Bob Jones, Mark Driscoll, and C.J. Mahaney

Bob Jones, Mark Driscoll, and C.J. Mahaney

It occurred to me that Bob Jones University, Mark Driscoll, and C.J. Mahaney have a lot in common. The connection might not be immediately obvious, but bear with me. Stuff Fundies Like posted a 1995 letter from fundamentalist leader Bob Jones III (BJ III. Yes, really!), defending his university’s now […]

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Further reactions to Brent Detwiler’s comments

This story is moving pretty quickly, and there have been a lot of developments just in the past couple days – most notably that reformed evangelical bigwigs Al Mohler and Ligon Duncan are circling the wagons to defend Mahaney, and the SGM board (with the interesting exception of Joshua Harris) is now claiming they […]

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Reaction to Brent Detwiler’s documents – highlights

After skimming through Brent Detwiler’s, ahem, copious comments on his numerous issues with C.J. Mahaney, my overall impression is that they corroborate pretty much all of the issues that various blogs and individuals have raised about SGM, and shed new light on how those issues manifested in the inner circles […]

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Rachel Held Evans: Mark Driscoll is a bully. Stand up to him.

There have been lots of posts on Mark Driscoll lately (and there are a few more to come, sigh), but I had to share this post by Rachel Held Evans calling on Christians to speak out against Driscoll’s bullying. Trigger warning for bullying and homophobic language. If this Facebook status […]

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Dianna Anderson: Dear Mr. Driscoll

Dianna Anderson: Dear Mr. Driscoll

Trigger warning for anti-trans and misogynistic gender policing. In a development that will come as a shock to exactly no one, Mark Driscoll has once again indulged in misogynist, bigoted douchebaggery. This time he invited his Facebook followers to mock “effeminate” worship leaders: Text: “So, what story do you have about […]

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Mark Driscoll’s words in Jesus’s mouth

Mark Driscoll’s words in Jesus’s mouth

I’m not sure how the brilliant Tea Party Jesus escaped my notice until now, but this image sending up Mark Driscoll’s comments on cage fighting is freaking hilarious. Original post here.

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