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Race, Religion, and The Honor Code At BYU Revisited

Trigger warning for discussions of sexual assault. Follow-up to the Brandon Davies case: Deadspin has an interesting and disturbing article alleging severe racial disparities in how BYU’s honor code is applied. Authors Luke O’Brien and Darron Smith, a black Mormon and sociology professor who has written extensively on anti-black racism […]

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Sojourner Truth: Ain’t I a Woman?

This video of Alice Walker reading Sojourner Truth’s “Ain’t I a Woman?” speech is fantastic (ht Elizabeth Esther). And also a bit sad, when you think about how much this speech still applies today – how much the same misogyny still poisons the church, how much white evangelical notions of […]

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Baltimore anti-trans hate crime: Why “toemageddon” matters

Heavy trigger warning – detailed discussion of transphobic violence. Last week, Chrissy Polis, a transgender woman, was viciously attacked and beaten by two cisgender (or cis, i.e., not transgender or trans) girls at a McDonald’s in Baltimore, Maryland. Several people, including employees, merely stood by and laughed as Polis was […]

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Thoughts on J. Crew’s Toemaggedon

Thoughts on J. Crew’s Toemaggedon

Trigger warning for discussion of gendered and anti-trans violence. Apparently this ad, depicting a J. Crew designer playing and laughing with her five year old son, is causing quite a bit of sturm and drang – all because the little boy’s toenails are painted pink. This, of course, is the […]

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An Open Letter to SGMS

Written by Max, a fellow Sovereign Grace escapee, and originally posted at Gender-NOS. Trigger warning for suicidality and eating disorders. SGM Survivors or SGMS is one of the two main sites for former or questioning members of Sovereign Grace Ministries churches. It’s been a space for healing and recovery for […]

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“It’ll be a cold day in hell before I get my theology from a woman”

Trigger warning: sexual abuse, ableism. ABC’s 20/20 aired an exposé on sexual abuse and abuse coverups in Independent Fundamentalist Baptist churches (IFB) last week. Much of it dealt with Tina Anderson’s story, which I wrote about some months ago (link). The first part is posted below, and you can watch the […]

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How Sovereign Grace Ministries deals with ACTUAL sexual sin

Major trigger warning for sexual abuse of children. I don’t find “sin” to be a terribly useful moral or ethical concept. In fundamentalist religions especially, it’s a highly arbitrary and variable concept that has very little to do with actual right or wrong. In the fundamentalist communities I grew up […]

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Why is Ann Voskamp’s “mysticism” a problem?

Since I started questioning my religious upbringing, I’ve been increasingly aware of how incredibly narrow and anomalous fundamentalist and reformed evangelical understandings of Christianity are from a historical perspective. The kerfuffle over Ann Voskamp’s book is a perfect example of this; some reformed evangelicals claim it promotes a dangerous, heretical, […]

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Stay with me Jesus

The husband sent me this video for Guster’s “Stay with me Jesus.” It’s hilarious and really captures so much of what bothers me about prayer and divine providence as I was raised to understand them – so self-focused, grounded in the absolute conviction that everything that happens is God doing […]

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