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Substitutionary atonement is not forgiveness

Unreasonable Faith has a good post by Sola Ratione on how little sense it makes to claim Jesus’s crucifixion is some kind of “forgiveness” for sins. It reminded me of this video by NonStampCollector: It also reminded me of a realization I had the Easter before I finally accepted that […]

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Jesus’s ministry vs. church ministry

Just a quick thought – I was just reading this article Mark Driscoll tweeted about how Acts 29, his church planting network, fared in the last calendar year: “4000 saved and 133 new churches.” 2010 was Acts 29’s “biggest year yet” after “an explosion of growth over the last five […]

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Superbowl pro tip: Beware sexy commercials

Since the Super Bowl is today, I thought it would be fitting to share with you some advice that C.J. Mahaney, the Dear Leader of the “family” of churches I grew up in (Sovereign Grace Ministries), gives to men watching the event. Problem: halftime and commercials at the Super Bowl […]

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Libraries are not Luxuries

This post was written by Saetia and is also posted at Gender-NOS. A post on libraries might seem out of place given the usual focus of this blog.  I’d argue, though, that this is an issue that intersects with issues of religion and gender in ways that may not be […]

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America’s problem: Men who pee sitting down

Your WTF for the day, which you can thank one of my siblings for digging up. You just can’t make this shit up: You heard it here first, folks. Men who pee sitting down: the greatest threat facing the U.S. in the 21st century. Glad we settled that. And as […]

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“For your good”: Joshua Harris’s “Word to Wives,” pt. 4

Part 1—Part 2—Part 3 Harris argues that because everyone has to submit to authority in some context (at work, as a citizen), women shouldn’t feel “as though the word of God is picking on you.” Of course, this argument hinges on his audience joining him in the fantasy that “submit” […]

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