Write a post for AWH!/New GQ blog

Happy New Year, all!  One goal I’d love to make a reality this year is to have some guest posts and perhaps some regular guest or co bloggers on AWH.  If you’re interested, please drop me a line in the comments here, on Twitter (@graceishuman), or over email: arewomenhuman2 at gmail dot com .

Posts from anyone are welcome on pretty much any topic related to religion and issues of justice and oppression.  However, as another one of my goals for the year is to have a broader discussion of gender and sexuality issues in Christianity (rather than just focusing on straight marriages and cis girls/women), I’d especially love to have some guest posts from trans women,people of non-binary gender, cis or trans men, and asexual, LGB, or queer identified people.  Anonymous posts are welcome, too.

Speaking of which – a friend and fellow SGM refugee has started an excellent blog on (among other things) growing up a female assigned genderqueer person in evangelicalism.  Check it out: Gender – NOS.


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  2. Does it have to be religion AND justice/oppression, or can it just be one of them?

  3. I can try writing one, then. I really don’t know much about religion (well, I know a bit about Christianity from being raised in the US and living in the south for 5 years), but justice and oppression I know a bit about.