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Mark Driscoll: If you don’t believe in hell, you’re going there

Speaking of belief in hell, I found this little gem at Jesus Needs New PR (full transcript at the end of this post): Where to start. The whole “you must accept Jesus or you will BURN IN HELL” thing is abusive theology that preaches a tyrannical and capricious God. Driscoll […]

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Jay Bakker: Finding Jesus, in Drag

I read a wonderful post this week by Jay Bakker – the son of Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Messner – on how going to a drag show helped him recognize you can find faith anywhere, and that there are no boundaries on grace or on God’s love. Some excerpts: […]

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From pro-choice to pro-life and back

ETA (1/25/12): I’ve decided to take out the links to and quotes of Schwyzer’s work and rework this piece in the future. ETA (1/18/12): Since information has come to light about Hugo Schwyzer’s record (link is to an article I wrote, added 1/25/12), I can no longer support his work or […]

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Blog for Choice 2011

Blog for Choice 2011

I’ve been thinking about how to tackle the issue of abortion on the blog for a while, but not sure how to do it. And, to be honest, I’ve also been very apprehensive about even touching the issue at all, for a number of reasons. But, being as it’s Blog […]

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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, everyone! These days, MLK Jr. is popularly seen as a romanticized, everyman’s hero. His message is presented as a call for “colorblindness,” and appropriated by the likes of Glenn Beck and other extreme conservatives in support of their arguments against the so called “reverse […]

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“For your good”: Joshua Harris’s “Word to Wives,” pt. 3)

Part 1 Part 2 Harris continues to lay out his interpretation of the connection between the verses on female submission in 1 Peter 3, and the verses on other kinds of submission and authority in the preceding chapter. Peter’s point in these passages is to teach Christians what “honorable conduct” […]

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Losing your virginity is like drinking spit, apparently

Trigger warning: rape/sexual assault. You know, sometimes I feel like I’m exaggerating the awfulness of what I was taught about sex, like it couldn’t possibly be as bad as I feel it was.   After all, in addition to all the warnings about premarital sex, I did also hear a lot […]

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slacktivist: “Pro-Family” means anti-families

Great post by the slacktivist on the anti-family agenda of conservative “pro-family” groups: This abstraction — “The Family” — does not actually, tangibly exist in any meaningful way. All those verbs they pile on in front of this abstraction — strengthen, defend, support, etc. — require a direct object. They […]

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What passes for sex “education” in evangelical churches

[Update: both the video and the Jesus Needs New PR post have since been deleted.] In case anyone thought I was exaggerating, this is a representative and very classy (sarcasm alert) example of what I heard about premarital sex growing up. h/t Jesus Needs New PR.

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