Welcome to new readers coming from Stuff Fundies Like!  Thanks for checking out _Are Women Human?_, and for the comments some of you have left – I’ll reply to each of you tomorrow.  Hope you stick around these parts for a while! – Grace


  1. steviusthedevious says:

    well-played :P

    i’ll be bookmarking this; i’ve been having issues with complementarianism lately, and hopefully my soon-to-be wife will benefit from my changing views. i suspect she may be more fundamentalist than i :

  2. Thanks for the welcome! : )

    While looking around your blog, I realized how fortunate I was not to be raised as a fundy girl. I was allowed to display at least a little assertiveness

    • Hi Faith! I loved your comments over at the SFL thread.

      In my family I was allowed a bit of assertiveness as well. There were a lot of overlaps between the church cultures I grew up in and my nuclear family environment, but not always 100% agreement. I had a lot more “freedom” compared to other girls and and women I grew up with – I was allowed and encouraged (required, really) to have high academic and career ambitions, for example, while a lot of the girls around me didn’t even go to college. But yes, for the most part, I think it’s generally a lucky thing not to be raised a fundy girl in any religion (or a fundy kid of any gender, really).

  3. Hey Grace. Another SFL reader her. Jusr poking around. You have some interesting articles. Keep up the good work.
    Happy New Year!