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Practical theology vs. “biblical” theology

James Poling’s “The Cross and Male Violence,” (earlier referenced here and here), addresses the concept of “practical theology,” a branch of academic theology that looks at the real-life effects of doctrine in various contexts.  Poling argues that it’s not enough for theologians and pastors to determine whether a teaching is […]

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Good people do terrible things

Good people do terrible things

As I was writing the previous post, I kept wondering if I was being overly harsh in comparing mainstream conservative Christians to Fred Phelps – who is, after all, universally disliked, unbelievably odious, and, in my opinion, downright evil.  The man is by all accounts a controlling, angry, and extremely […]

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Fred Phelps and conservative Christians: Not so different

I recently watched The Education of Shelby Knox, a documentary about a high school girl of the same name from Lubbock, Texas, raised in a very Republican and conservative Southern Baptist family.  (Definitely recommended, and it’s on Netflix instant watch.)  The film tracks Knox’s unlikely evolution into a youth activist […]

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PSA: This celebrity is not having sex!

We recently watched Russell Brand in New York City – which is absolutely hilarious and 100% recommended to anyone who doesn’t mind salacious (but intelligent!) humor, and having a bit of fun poked at the U.S. and/or religion.  Actually I recommend you watch it even if you do mind it, […]

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Welcome to new readers coming from Stuff Fundies Like!  Thanks for checking out _Are Women Human?_, and for the comments some of you have left – I’ll reply to each of you tomorrow.  Hope you stick around these parts for a while! – Grace

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Rethinking sex ed, pt. 1

As a parent, I believe it’s my primary responsibility to teach my kid about sex and sexuality, and I often wonder about how we’ll approach the topic.  What I believe now about sex and sexuality is completely different from what I was raised to believe, and my personal experience of […]

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Daddy I Do

I came across this trailer for Daddy I Do, a documentary by Cassie Jaye about the purity ball and abstinence-only movements in the US (can’t remember where I found the link, unfortunately).  It looks like a really fascinating and well done film; it’s already won a number of awards, including […]

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The Cross and Sexual Abuse

Trigger warnings for sexual abuse/incest. In “The Cross and Male Violence,” James Poling argues that patriarchal narratives of the crucifixion provide a kind of script for abusive relationships between men and women in Christian contexts, in which male abusers can take on a godlike role (all-powerful, all-knowing, to be obeyed), […]

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