Great blogs to check out

Here are a few good religion, gender, and/or sexuality blogs I’ve been reading lately:

somaticstrength – a new blog by about misogyny in fundamentalist Christianity, abuse and incest in the church, and recovery from both (by an AWH reader :) ).

This one shall be called woman – NulleFide, a feminist agnostic raised Methodist, is blogging straight through the Bible, summarizing and commenting on every passage that mentions women.  Really fascinating.

TransGriot – written by Monica Roberts, an African-American trans woman.  Not religion related per se, but a great place to start learning about trans issues and stay updated on news related to the transgender community.

TransEpiscopal – A group blog by transgender Episcopalians aimed at making the Episcopal church a more welcoming place for trans people.  Hasn’t been updated in a while, but worth reading.