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If Fundamentalists really believed the Bible . . .

If Fundamentalists really believed the Bible . . .

I loved this cartoon from Russell’s Teapot (ht The Redheaded Skeptic, click for a bigger version). I’ve often thought that if literalist Christians in this country really, truly believed that the Bible is completely divinely inspired, inerrant, and literally true, most of them would be living completely different lives.  After […]

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[Updated] The murder of Stacey Blahnik Lee

Stacey Blahnik Lee*, a trans woman of color, was murdered in her home in Philly two days ago.  The Philly Daily News published an article (which has now been taken down from the paper’s website) on Stacey’s death that was deeply disrespectful of her as a human being and perpetuated a […]

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Hate is easy in the abstract

This is a nice essay at We Give a Damn by Matthew, who was raised to use the Bible as a defense of homophobia.  An excerpt: I admit it. When I was a teenager, a young man who saw the world in terms of black and white, truth and fiction, […]

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Sunday Roundup

Some recent religion, gender, and sexuality blog and news happenings.  The shocking number of gay teen suicides in the past months has brought a lot of attention to homophobia and anti-gay bullying: South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint says openly gay people and pregnant single women shouldn’t be allowed to teach […]

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Exploiting LGBT suicides, exhibit A: David Barton

This is a perfect and, in my opinion, not unrepresentative example of how some evangelicals not only don’t care about LGB suicides, but also exploit them to advance an anti-gay agenda. David Barton, an evangelical minister and a “professor” at Glenn Beck’s “university,” cites high rates of suicides and shorter […]

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Great blogs to check out

Here are a few good religion, gender, and/or sexuality blogs I’ve been reading lately: somaticstrength – a new blog by about misogyny in fundamentalist Christianity, abuse and incest in the church, and recovery from both (by an AWH reader :) ). This one shall be called woman – NulleFide, a feminist […]

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Petty cruelties

From Ta-Nehisi Coates’ post on Tyler Clementi, a reader left this comment: This strikes me as a rather typical college prank gone horribly wrong. Unlike Laura Ingraham, it doesn’t sound like the roommate planned out the event in a calculated way. It’s easy to imagine a college kid spontaneously thinking, […]

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Dan Savage is right: the religious right exploits LGBT suicides

[Disclaimer: I’m aware that Dan Savage has written a lot of problematic stuff about trans people, and other groups – this isn’t an endorsement of any of that but rather a riff off this one column.] Dan Savage writes a fantastic, brutally honest reply to an anti-gay Christian who took […]

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