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Dear conservative Christians: Rape is not sex

Trigger warning. Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak, a young adult novel about a teen girl who is raped, has recently come under fire from a professor at Missouri State University who (to put it mildly) feels the book should not be included in school curricula.  Wesley Scroggins, presumably a conservative Christian […]

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Sunday Roundup

Some religion, gender, and sexuality related news and blog happenings from the past week: The big news from this past week is the lawsuit filed by two young men against Bishop Eddie Long, alleging that Long used his pastoral authority and influence to coerce them into sexual relationships.  Long has […]

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About that “not degrading” submission thing . . .

Trigger warning: intimate partner violence; emotional, spiritual, and sexual abuse. It boggles my mind that complementarian pastors like Joshua Harris stand in front of congregations that admire and respect them and have the audacity to claim that what’s expected of an appropriately submissive wife isn’t degrading.  These men know what […]

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Sunday roundup

Some religion and gender news and happenings from the past week: Woman sues Maryland pastor over her ‘sexual purity’: I’m not really sure what to say about this.  It’s really bizarre, but at the same time the culture of women being treated as potential temptresses sounds really familiar. Evangelical and […]

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World of Lies

The farther I get from my time in patriarchal evangelical Christianity, the more often I’m struck by the realization that I spent my childhood being constantly deceived by people and churches I trusted.  I don’t mean about religion, though I no longer believe what I was taught about that, either.  […]

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Punishing gender variant masculinity

Perhaps the central concept of Christian patriarchy is that everyone has their “proper place” in power structures, whether in marriage, family, the church, or society.  This is true for men as well as women; women are taught that they have to be submissive, and men are taught that they have […]

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Sunday Roundup

Things got a bit hectic last week and I took an unplanned hiatus.  Regular posting will resume tomorrow or Tuesday.  In the meantime, here’s some of the past week’s religion and gender news and blog happenings: Vyckie of No Longer Quivering is reposting the story of her journey through Quiverfull […]

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Sunday roundup

Some of this week’s religion and gender news: Italy’s Waldesian and Methodist churches have voted to bless same-sex unions “under certain conditions.” (Via Gay Marriage Watch) Four women have become the first nuns to be ordained in the Western Hemisphere in the Buddhist Theravada tradition, which until recently had excluded […]

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“God made you wrong”

This was originally posted by AWH reader Toranse at her blog, Perspective.  I identify with so much of what she writes in this post.  Thanks for letting me cross post it here, Toranse!  The original post can be found here. One of the classes I’m taking this semester is Adolescent […]

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