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On “Popes, Priesthood, and Patriarchy”

There are a lot of good things to say about the Catholic Church’s stance on immigration, its political, intellectual, and cultural diversity, its teachings on social and economic justice, and its respect for the spiritual and intellectual gifts of women – outside the important exception of the priesthood.  I have […]

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Sunday round up (late night version)

Some of this week’s religion and gender news, short and sweet this time! Sign a petition asking CA Gov. Schwarzenegger to end the shackling of pregnant inmates. (CA residents only) Presbyterian (PCUSA) clergy and elders can sign the Minneapolis Declaration of Conscience, a petition supporting marriage equality in the church. […]

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Christian patriarchy hurts men, cont.

Toranse made a comment on the previous post that was really insightful: I thought this statement was very telling: “give men a God-sized task that they know requires a man.” The presumption is than manliness = god-like qualities. A standard no one can meet, and thus, every single man technically […]

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Christian patriarchy hurts men, too

I read a summary today of a sermon by Randy Stinson on, ahem, how it’s necessary for boys to get “bumps and bruises” and be indoctrinated with “warfare language” in order to avoid raising them to be “feminized,” “weak, soft, and ineffective” men.  Stinson is the president of the Council […]

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Sunday roundup

Some of this week’s religion, gender, and sexuality news, starting with some international news: Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani, an Iranian woman sentenced to be executed for allegedly committing adultery, has “confessed” to being an accomplice in her late husband’s death.  The likely coerced confession has led Human Rights Watch to sound the […]

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Slavery and submission: Historical revisionism and authoritarianism

To continue the slavery discussion for a bit – it might not be immediately clear, but I think there are a couple connections to complementarian theology here.  One is the common tendency of complementarians and other conservative evangelicals to insist on their own versions of reality and history.  They insist […]

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Joshua Harris: Slave owners in the Bible = “employers” today

The Joshua Harris sermon I introduced an earlier post is the second in a pair of sermons on gender roles in marriage, and also part of a longer series on the book of 1 Peter.  The first sermon is, if anything, worse than the second.  I was particularly horrified by […]

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Sunday Roundup

Some of this week’s religion and gender news: I’m a Catholic Latina and I’m on the Pill: Lucy Panza reflects on a study showing that 85% of Latinas support taking the birth control pill, and 96% think family planning is a good thing. Huffington Post interviews Toni Tortorilla, a female […]

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“Protecting” children from knowing gay people exist

Opponents of marriage equality are afraid, in part, that same-sex relationships and LGBT people will come to be seen and treated as normal by society.  This is something most opponents will openly admit (a small example: Al Mohler’s comment that the ruling striking down Prop 8 was “a significant step […]

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